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Speak with a real estate law attorney in San Diego, CA or Jackson, WY

If you're buying a new home, you'll need a real estate attorney to draft your contract. Schroth & Schroth LLC helps clients sell and purchase homes in San Diego, CA and Jackson, WY. Once you're ready to negotiate a contract, our attorneys will help you with the legal side of things, so you can move your family into the new home you've always wanted.

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Guiding you through complex negotiations

Property matters can become complex quickly. Drafting contracts, easements and other legal documents require an attorney. You need to reach out to a real estate law attorney if you're:

  • Buying a home
  • Trying to settle an easement
  • Involved in a property dispute
With so much on the line, emotions can run high during property disputes, so your real estate attorney will be there to help you through the legal process. Speak to one of our attorneys today about your real estate matter.

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