Case Results

Assault at a Bar

We obtained a half a million-dollar settlement for our client who was assaulted outside of a bar.

Won Half a Million Dollar Settlement

Truck Accident

We settled a personal injury truck accident case 3 weeks before trial in Federal Court. The initial Insurance Company offer was $30,000. After hiring us, and we prepared for trial, the Insurance Company paid more than 10 times their original offer.

Settled at Amount 10 Times More than Original Insurance Offer

Premises Liability

Obtained a six-figure settlement for an elderly woman who fell and was injured in the parking lot of a local grocery store. We obtained an 80 percent reduction in the medical lien for the client.

Won a Six-Figure Settlement

Slip & Fall Case

We obtained a six-figure settlement for a woman who was injured when she fell down a poorly maintained stairwell.

Won a Six-Figure Settlement

Auto Accident

Our client was injured when her vehicle was hit by someone running a red light. We obtained the full policy limits of the at-fault party's insurance as well as the full policy limits of our client's underinsured coverage.

Obtained Full Policy Limits

Pedestrian Injury

We successfully obtained the full policy limits from our client's underinsured coverage after she was injured while crossing at an intersection downtown.

Obtained Full Policy Limits

Sexual Harassment

We obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of three female employees in a case against Bank of America that involved claims of sexual harassment and unpaid wages.

Won a Six-Figure Settlement

Family & Medical Leave Act Violations

We successfully brought an action for Family and Medical Leave Act violations against a Fortune 500 company. The action was brought in the District Court of California, Southern District of California, and was settled prior to trial.

Case Settled Prior to Trial

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

We brought an appeal on behalf of our client who had recently been terminated and had their unemployment insurance benefits wrongly denied. The appeal was heard before the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. The decision was successfully overturned, allowing our client to collect Unemployment Insurance.

Decision Successfully Overturned

Severance Negotiation

We successfully negotiated a severance package on behalf of a top-level executive during his career transition. We were able to more than double the amount of severance being provided to our client upon his termination from employment. The employer was a multinational corporation.

Doubled Amount of Provided Severance

Employee Grievance

We brought an employee grievance before the Public Employment Relations Board on behalf of a city worker. The appeal successfully resolved the issue.

Achieved a Successful Appeal

Auto Accident

Man from Texas who did not know how to drive on snow-covered roads lost control of his vehicle and crashed into our client who was driving to her house cleaning job. Before a lawsuit was even filed we were able to negotiate a policy limit settlement over $250,000.

Policy Limit Settlement Over $250,000

Case Against Bus Driver

We recently obtained a six-figure settlement against a major transportation company and its bus driver on behalf of child passengers.

Won a Six-Figure Recovery

Foodborne Bacteria Suit

The firm was actively involved in the litigation to hold the growers and producers of tainted cantaloupe that poisoned over 100 people with listeria. The foodborne bacteria killed more than 35 people including one of the firm's clients. We brought suit in Wyoming on behalf of the widow and adult children that resulted in a substantial six-figure recovery.

Won a Six-Figure Recovery

Drug Smuggling

In 2009, we obtained an acquittal of a 19-year-old girl who was falsely accused of marijuana smuggling.

Obtained Acquittal

Case Against State Fund

In June 2010, we won a case against State Fund who was attempting to retroactively assess $100,000 in premiums against a small newspaper distributor.

Won Case

Injured Worker

In January 2010 we obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of a construction worker who was injured on the jobsite by the negligence of others.

Won a Six-Figure Settlement

Capital Murder Case

Rob Schroth recently served as co-counsel in a capital murder case styled State v. Roberts, CV-2007-46-DC. The client was charged with two counts of felony murder and the State of Wyoming sought the death penalty. After extensive motion practice, the Court released our client on $500,000 bail. Bail for a defendant facing the death penalty is extremely rare. The State subsequently dropped the death penalty and entered a plea to manslaughter in February 2009.

Death Penalty Dropped

Successful Appeals

We have been certified as class counsel in four class-action lawsuits in the last year. Three of them have been settled. We have the time and financial resources to vigorously pursue these causes to a conclusion.

Multiple Settlements Awarded

Class Action Lawsuits

We have been certified as class counsel in four class-action lawsuits in the last year. Three of them have been settled. We have the time and financial resources to vigorously pursue these causes to a conclusion.

Multiple Settlements Awarded