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Are you searching for a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, CA or Jackson, WY? Schroth & Schroth LLC can represent you. Our father-and-son team of attorneys has been practicing law for a combined period of over 60 years. This helps them navigate difficult situations of all kinds and provide the legal services our clients need.

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The twists and turns of your life may involve legal issues. Fortunately, you can find representation at Schroth & Schroth. You can turn to us when you need:

Our attorneys understand the difficulties of many different situations, and they have seen many complex cases in their time. If you need assistance with a legal matter, contact us today.

Our past helps us seek your future

Are you a blue-collar worker who's been injured? You're in a tough spot. Your injury may prevent you from working and providing for your family, and sorting out a legal battle is just one more thing on your overloaded plate. The attorneys at our local law firm both have a history of working in manual labor, so we understand what you're dealing with. We know that life doesn't slow down when you're hurt, so we'll work hard to help you get back control of your life.

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